"Reitzfeld’s landscapes manifest an eerie stillness, a calmness that belies their active surfaces. For the artist, in a sense, nature functions are a mirror, affording her the opportunity to seek out the deepest feelings engendered there and bringing them to fruition; the landscape painting as self-portrait. For the viewer, Reitzfeld’s paintings compel us to return to them over time, as if each reading offers a means of experiencing nature, even momentarily, through the eyes of the artist. —Robert G. Edelman

"Lucy Gould Reitzfeld's landscape paintings encompass nature's many moods,including her own. Devoid of people, they are timeless scenes of forests, meadows and rivers, places in the artist's past or memories of masterpieces seen long ago... Hard-edged reality is subsumed by her emotional response to the momentary visions of dappled light in a forest, reflections on water or cloudbursts." —Celia Bergoffen, The Villager.

"...the end result, while realistic enough, is always a bit "off" — but that only adds to the painting's mystery." —Back Beat, Lexington Ky.

"Bold, arbitrary tones and vigorous brushwork contribute to the success of a field scene by Lucy Reitzfeld..." —Phyllis Braff, The New York Times

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